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Ingredients / Dishes:

  • Adhere to the core principles of no MSG, no chicken powder, no hormones, and natural

  • Meat dishes are mostly slow-cooked to maintain the texture of the meat and avoid loss of nutrition and taste

  • The selected suppliers can provide export source certificates and health certificates to ensure that we provide quality ingredients to everyone

  • Vegetable source: Some vegetables come from local farms, which provides you with the most original and fresh quality fruits and vegetables.

  • Seasonal Food: Create limited dishes regularly according to the season

  • Cook high quality and diverse dishes at reasonable prices for the public


  • Carefully select natural and healthy foods or daily necessities around the world

  • Stores have retail products, and some can even be tried to prevent customers from blindly buying products that are not useful to them, reducing waste

  • Support local social enterprises, non-profit organizations and local creations, set up consignment areas to sell their products, and practice social responsibility

Slow down

Enjoy the intentional preparation prepared by Manhuotang for you


About Us -slowlife


Since 2015, Slowlife now has 3 restaurants /cafes in Hong Kong and opened a branch in Guangzhou. It is committed to advocating the concept of a natural and organic diet and enjoying life slowly. Adhering to the principle of authentic taste and timely food: The restaurant carefully selects the best ingredients and is committed to selecting ingredients that do not contain antibiotics or hormones. The dishes do not use human MSG and chicken powder. Delicious cuisine.

In order to better explain the busy life: slow down the pace of life, pay more attention to the relationship between people, communities, and nature. The restaurant has set up aquaponics (fish-vegetative symbiosis system) for guests to watch the mysteries of the ecological cycle. For-profit community organizations establish close cooperation, such as neighborhood counseling sessions, St. Jacob's Blessings, etc. The artworks of disabled students such as mouth-painted bags, potato man, etc. are now consigned in restaurants. Also, visually impaired students from Xinguang School are hired in restaurants to play music and establish communicative relationships.

Organic farmland

The restaurant uses fresh seasonal vegetables from local organic farms —


Persist in refusing to use chemical fertilizers and pesticides, take into account the ecological environment of other small animals, and use organic cultivation in a sustainable and beneficial ecological balance.


Vegetables are freshly picked from the farmland and sent directly to the restaurant, perfecting the field flavor of Farm to Table﹗

Farmland at Tse Uk Tsuen, Kam Tin, Yuen Long - UrbaNature

Support local social enterprises and non-profit organizations

Helping vulnerable communities reach their potential

Consignment area in the store
Partners (in no particular order):

  • NAAC Harmony Manor

  • St. James’ Settlement

  • Hong Kong Outlying Islands Women's Association

  • Ebenezer School & Home for the Visually Impaired


   Your support is an affirmation to them!


Health, natural

Carefully select a variety of quality health products to choose from

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Healthy Catering Services always available to you


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