Delivery Service/ Refund/ Exchange

Delivery Terms
  • Hong Kong customers are required to pay shipping charges based on the weight of goods and the delivery area. Hong Kong customers charge as follows:

       Purchase of HK $500 or less: to pay $50 shipping,

       purchase of HK $500 - $800: $30 to pay the freight

       purchase of HK $800 or more: free delivery

  • In general, the company will send the goods you ordered from our Hong Kong office within 7 working days after the date of the email confirmation notice. SF Express is responsible for logistics and delivery in Hong Kong. The time required for delivery varies depending on the region. Guests can log in to the logistics company's website and enter the waybill number to check the delivery status (guests can call the logistics company at (852) 2730-0273) Before delivery, the logistics company will contact the customer to determine the final delivery time. In case of stock shortage, the company will contact the customer by phone or email to determine the final delivery time.


  • Each order can only be delivered to one destination.

  • If you fail to deliver the goods you ordered, the company will notify you by email.

  • If you only provide a post office box address, our company will not be able to arrange delivery services.

  • Please sign the delivery note to show that the order you received is intact.

Refund / Exchange
  • After receiving the goods, you must check immediately. If it is confirmed that any goods have been damaged during the delivery, or the quantity or style of the goods does not match the order, they should be rejected and returned to the delivery person immediately. Please complete Inspection within the same day, otherwise, the logistics company may not accept product return. The company has the right not to accept your appeal.

  • If you encounter any problems when receiving the goods, please call our customer service hotline or email us.

  • The company reserves the right to get back the goods, which has not been in the customer's purchase order but sent to you by mistake.

  • Once delivered, no refund will be accepted.

  • If you need to cancel your order after confirmation and payment, you need to pay 10% of the bill or HK$100 (whichever is higher) as the return fee.


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